Amber's Edits

Welcome to a selection of products curated by Amber Peebles.  While many know Ms Peebles for her fashion she’s also passionate about style and homeware.

We’re excited to have Amber picking out her favourite NED pieces each month providing a little home inspo and styling tips.

The Serena Wall Mirror

I’m all about the leaning mirrors. I think it adds a sense of casual style to a room, this mirror even more so because of it’s great design. I’ve had fun moving the Serena Mirror around the house and I gotta say, she looks great everywhere she goes combining form and function with the illusion of more space.

The Ricardo Vase

Stand this handmade vase on its own or group with three. I fell in love with its softly speckled finish but was also really impressed with the quality of finish. A stunning and effortlessly chic piece

The Cuba Planter

Create an instantly lush area by simply grouping small plants together in the Cuba. Really easy and looks awesome! Indoor plants help a place feel homely and because the planter sits off the ground, it helps to keep the space feeling airy.

The Mr Chester Mug

The mug I’d been searching for.

I jumped so high when I first saw these, I actually bought 8 straight away! I’d been on the hunt for a set of gorgeous mugs, it’s something we use every day, multiple times and I was so done with our one off random mugs we’d collected over the years. 

Beautiful quality, a pleasure to drink out of and they happen to look gorgeous lined up on my kitchen shelf

I’d love to see how you are styling your Ned Collection, tag me on Instagram @Amber_Peebles


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